Mag1c Designs

Mag1c Designs (Christopher Thomas aka Mag1c) is an incredible artist and designer with studios in Shropshire. His work has been exhibited and viewed all over the world.

The collaboration between Mag1c Designs and Brent Hunt is a simple one – he does what he does best and we do what we do best.
Brent Hunt are responsible for the online and offline promotion of the designs and artwork including producing the website, promoting it online, social media networking and co-producing forthcoming events and exhibitions.

The project will be ongoing with the initial launch of the website planned for January 2013 and a continuation and development of his online presence throughout the year.
Brent Hunt (as part of the Singing Tooth Network) has unlimited access to sound and lighting equipment, filming and photographic studios and other facilities to produce spectacular events.
During 2013, many offline events have been planned and organised for both exhibitions and galleries.

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