About Us

Brent Hunt (part of the Singing Tooth Network) specialises in the online and offline promotion of companies and individuals from most business sectors.

The company is family run and has remained small and personal, ensuring all of its clients are looked after and guided through every step of the promotional process. The company prides itself on the education of the clients and being completely transparent with regard to its services.

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Online Promotions

Online media and online promotions are very broad terms for anything to do with an individual’s or company’s presence on the internet and, in particular, the ability for their website to be found on search engines or across social media networks.

It is very common for companies to have a superb website which simply generates little or no online interest and this can be put down to 4 different factors:

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The Singing Tooth Network

The Singing Tooth Network is a group of companies and associates who, together, offer services relating to arts & entertainment and online & offline media.

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