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A little more information about Brent Hunt (aka A Brent-Hunt Company)

Brent Hunt (part of the Singing Tooth Network) specialises in the online and offline promotion of companies and individuals from most business sectors.

The company is family run and has remained small and personal, ensuring all of its clients are looked after and guided through every step of the promotional process. The company prides itself on the education of the clients and being completely transparent with regard to its services.

Managed by Andy Hunt with the backing and facilities of the Singing Tooth Network, Brent Hunt can offer achievable solutions to most client requirements.

Andy Hunt - Brent Hunt

Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt

Born in Birmingham, UK, and well educated, Andy Hunt has had a successful career in both online and offline marketing.

Working for a local magazine throughout his 20’s, Andy recognised the change in the media market towards the internet and in 1999, created one of the first online directories for the West Midlands area (Adpress Ltd T/A HeartUK).
With good, secure relationships with Search Engines of the time, he quickly developed software which literally guaranteed his clients top listings across the internet.
During the following couple of years, Adpress Ltd joined forces with Web Site Promotion Services Ltd and became WSPS.
The software developed and became BidBuddy – the first PPC software of its kind in the world and quickly became the online marketing tool for many blue chip companies.
WSPS grew exponentially and during the mid 2000’s, became The Search Works with offices in London and Europe and agents throughout the world.
The Search Works was sold to TradeDoubler (US) and after a career of 8 years of successful online promotion, Andy semi-retired – at the tender age of 37.

Since then, Andy has invested money in a few companies, but has spent most his time as executive producer of Singing Tooth Productions following his passion with the arts.
However, during that time, he has continuously been promoting (both online and offline) many selected companies through both Singing Tooth Productions and Brent Hunt.

Singing Tooth Productions now provide entertainment and technical services as part of their exclusive contract at Clarach Bay Holiday Village.

Jem Brent - Brent Hunt

Jem Brent

Jem Brent – www.jembrent.com

Jem Brent was born in Telford, England and has a long career both on the stage and screen.

He has lead, directed and produced shows for theatres and events worldwide and has appeared alongside a long list of celebrities.

Being a prefessional singer and dancer, he has appeared in the professional productions of  “Evita”, “Sesame Street Live”, “The Rocky Horror Show”, “Rent”‘ “Saturday Night Fever”‘, “Starlight Express”‘ to name a few.

Jem has worked both in the UK and across Europe, performing, directing, choreographing and producing professional shows and since 2008, has brought that talent to both Brent Hunt and Singing Tooth Productions.

Producing a professional show and event needs the right people with the right talent in the right places, no matter the size of event being produced. Brent Hunt manages the whole process. From a professional singer performing a 2 hour cabaret spot to entertain your patrons or producing a show to be performed on a theatre stage, Jem has the experience and proven track record to succeed and with the backing of the Singing Tooth Network, has the ability to create a spectacular impression, no matter what the event may be.

Christopher Thomas - Brent Hunt

Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas – Star Lab Industries

Christopher Thomas (aka Sirius) is an established artist and designer who has exhibited at major events across the globe. His unique style of creativity has seen him be featured on BBC TV several times.

When creating an event or designing a promotion, it is vital to have someone on board who is beyond creative and whose imagination is like no other.

Both Christopher Thomas and Andy Hunt both manage Star Lab Industries which in turn provides the creativity and “spark” for Brent Hunt online and offline promotions – a partnership like no other!

Based in Koh Phangan, Thailand, Star Lab Industries have established themselves as the leading producer of murals, imagery and artwork for businesses and individuals across the island.

Singing Tooth Productions

Singing Tooth Productions

The Singing Tooth Network – Singing Tooth Productions

Singing Tooth Productions’ main aim is to bring West End and concert style shows to theatres and events throughout the UK and Europe.
Their award-winning “in Motion” shows have toured the UK & Ireland and have received superb reviews throughout their tour.

The idea behind the “in Motion” shows (and the brain-child of Andy Hunt) is to bring the essence of the West End, Broadway and concerts to events, all made possible by using the latest in visual and lighting technology.

The company is made up of three generations of artistic and technical minds and produced some of the most unique and spectacular shows in theatre production.

Now based in West Wales, Singing Tooth Productions are now offering their entertainment and technical services as part of an exclusive contract with Clarach Bay Holiday Village.

Brent Hunt is literally a one-stop-shop for your online and offline promotional needs and prides itself with its continuous success.

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