Offline Promotions

What is offline media and how can Brent Hunt help you?

Offline media with Brent Hunt is any offline promotions not relating to the internet, specialising in corporate shows, productions and events.

Brent Hunt offline promotions, by using their experience, knowledge and ability to produce spectacular shows, offers companies the ability to “put something special on” for their patrons .

Offline Promotions - Brent Hunt

Offline Promotions – Brent Hunt

Offline media covers a wide range of promotion – this may range from a solo singer performing in a social club up to a full West End style production, perhaps for an annual staff party or corporate event. Any special occasion can by filmed by Brent Hunt and a corporate video produced for DVD or for a website (including YouTube).

Brent Hunt can therefore provide the following:

  • Show/Event Production
  • Lighting, Sound and Visual Production
  • Filming, Editing and Authoring

Brent Hunt cater for individuals as well as companies and, for example, provide breathtaking lighting for weddings and filming and video production for special events.

Whatever your offline media needs are, Brent Hunt can help you achieve your requirements.

Being part of the Singing Tooth Network, with its extensive sound, lighting and video equipment, coupled with the professional performance experiences of Jem Brent, added to the marketing expertise of Andy Hunt, you and your company will be in experienced hands, when discussing and producing your event.




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