Online Promotions

What is online media and what can Brent Hunt do for you?

Online media and online promotions are very broad terms for anything to do with an individual’s or company’s presence on the internet and, in particular, the ability for their website to be found on search engines or across social media networks.

It is very common for companies to have a superb website which simply generates little or no online interest and this can be put down to 4 different factors:

  • A Search UNFRIENDLY Website
  • Lack of Search Engine Promotion
  • Little or No Social Networking
  • No Online Interest

Presuming people are searching for a company or a product relating to your company, the reason for not generating any online interest must be down to the website design and its online promotion.

Before designing and publishing a website, it is vital that a company or individual needs to decide what they want to do with it.
There is no point whatsoever in spending money on a website you want people and potential customers to see, if it is untraceable!

There are cases however, where a company might need a minimal online presence and be happy with being found on Google, when someone types in the company name and only the company name. For established brands, this may be all that is needed.

In a majority of cases, a website will need to be found when someone searches online for a service or product a company (or individual) provides.
Brent Hunt SearchFor example:
Joe Bloggs Carpet Cleaning based in Anytown, Anycounty wants to generate new leads online. We can say with some certainty that potential customers will not be searching for Joe Bloggs (unless the company has done a significant amount of offline promotion or has a specific brand name). It is far more likely that potential customers will be searching for: “anytown carpet cleaning” or  “anycounty carpet cleaning” or “carpet cleaning in anytown” or  “carpet cleaning in anycounty”.
The design of the website must take this into consideration, as this will influence the structure of the website and, in some cases, the look of the website.

Brent Hunt have a proven track record in search engine promotion and specialise in producing websites which can be found by search engines and more importantly, be found by your potential customers searching for products and services provided by you and your company.

Our designs are clean, professional and liked by the search engines. They produce high ranking pages in the search engines for the terms you want to be found for.
The look of our websites follow a proven method which works!

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